Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Unique Liability coverage with All policies written with unlimited per occurrence limits and “occurrence” policies which means broader Educators Legal/E&O coverage. Full prior acts covering all past incidents, even if before CIC coverage- very important for Sexual Molestation claims alleged by victim up to age 35.

No need to go to RFP!

Pre-Claim Liability Loss Control  report “inklings” of possible claims before an actual claim. CIC assigns an attorney to investigate that helps to navigate the “minefield”. 85% of incidents are resolved without litigation.  Keep attorney if incident develops into claim. Pay deductible only with loss or settlement of claim.

Workers’ Compensation dividends that are Competitive, yet sustainable.

Workers Compensation Experience Mod reviewed annually to reduce Workers’ Compensation premium by reducing Mod.

Workers’ Compensation claims reporting triage service to reduce staff time and lower medical costs. Getting your staff back to work quicker helps to keep modifications lower and save money.

Our Members have lower overall average mod rates. Which saves members money!!

No-Cost Cyber Liability $1 million aggregate Cyber Liability policy that goes beyond Data Breach to include: Ransomware, Telecommunications Fraud, Crypto jacking and Social Engineering. Includes Cyber Liability Security Suite.

Vendor Partnerships with vendors who provide preferred pricing and service advantages.

Property Insurance with broad coverage including flood at a competitive premium.

WERMC Works Newsletter Providing timely information on Insurance, Risk Management, trends and issues you face everyday.

Risk Management

Independent and experienced risk management consultant “on staff” with in-depth knowledge of laws, coverage, and claims related to all applicable district and CESA coverages.

Contract review for Liability and Insurance verbiage!!

Network of Like Minded School Personnel Committed to STRONG Risk Management and willing to share strategies.

Bi-Annual Conferences in risk management best practices to understand and implement strategies, and discuss with peers what's working for them.

Annual insurance renewals reviewed by your consultant in conjunction with your agent.

“Risk Management Rewards Program” Liability Insurance discount when a member shows risk management endeavors. Members receive a credit on their Liability insurance for participation in Zoom meetings, seminars, conferences, on-site training, online Liability training, and WERMC meetings. 

Scholarship for Certified School Risk Manager (CSRM) designation for one individual from each district, $1000 value.

WERMC Counsel on Call 4 Firms  to choose from!! Liability carrier’s defense attorneys at carrier’s rates - for non-insurance issues.

*NEW* Risk Management Scholarship Given annually to the members.