Welcome to the Wisconsin Educators Risk Management Cooperative

The Wisconsin Educators Risk Management Cooperative (WERMC) is a 66.0301 formed by districts in 2011 to purchase liability, property, and Workers’ Compensation insurance, collectively. WERMC members' insurance is not "pooled" which can create adverse selection. Each member is underwritten individually to ensure favorable results. The service “platforms” from the Workers’ Compensation insurance company and agent, plus the liability insurance carrier are exceptional and help to reduce costs. Workers’ Compensation dividends are very competitive with the long-term goals of the reduction of accidents, Experience Mods, and premiums through a variety of specialized services and risk management best practices.

If you have any questions regarding WERMC membership and its benefits, you may contact us at (608) 663-9032 or by E-Mail.

Why Use Us!

● The buying power of 55 Districts in cooperatively purchasing, negotiating, and influencing level of services from carriers and agents

● Fast growing cooperative with extensive resources, benefits, and value

● Independent risk management consultant with extensive hands ­on experience & knowledge of Workers’ Compensation, Liability, & Property exposures and claims

● Workers’ Compensation:

○ dividend structure that allows for competitive, yet sustainable dividends ○ claims reporting triage service to reduce staff time & through claims documentation

○ carrier awarded safety grants for projects

○ carriers that specialize in school/CESA risks

○ significant and meaningful loss control services

● Broad service platform for loss control and claims management by national broker

● No Cost “Think HR”, including a hotline

● Vendor partners for discounted services and/or special offers

● Liability Pre­claim Loss Control: attorney assignment at CIC’s expense to manage a potential claim

● Legal Counsel on Call ­ discounted hourly rates for non­insurance issues

● Network of colleagues committed to, and willing to share, risk management Best Practices

● Quarterly Workers’ Compensation claim and annual Experience Mod reviews to reduce costs

● Bi­annual educational meetings on timely and important issues

● Board of Directors comprised of member school business officials

Our Experience Shows!

“Information provided by RMS has been critical to the ability of the Eau Claire Area School District to manage its risks. For example, a presentation on Automatic External Defibrillators provided timely information when the issue arose for us. Kathy Johnson has been very responsive to our requests for assistance and has been proactive in helping us control insurance costs.”

--Dan Van DeWater, Eau Claire Area School District

“RMS and Kathy Johnson protect the interests of the members with claims management, tips on improving the experience mod factors, safety seminars, and the shared knowledge of all involved with WERMC.”

--Nick Curran, Omro School District

“In my experience with three different districts, investments I have made in attention to safety have paid off every time with dramatically lower worker comp costs, and that's only the tip of the iceberg in savings. When you consider lost time, personal pain and suffering, replacement and retraining of personnel, and morale issues, the cost of ignoring safety become very large."

--Erin Green, Greendale School District

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