From Crisis to Calm, when every second counts, APS products take the panic out of your response protocols saving time as well as people. APS designed Alert-Com and the T.A.P Pad (stationary mount solution) to take the confusion and second-guessing out of the response to an emergency. APS's products instantly provide real-time, accurate, and actionable protocols as well as information for all types of disruptions. Our system is 100% customizable, easy to use. Teachers do not have to worry about data being recorded on their mobile devices or being tracked with Alert-Com mobile solution technology.

15% discount with 3-year contract.

Contact 1-888-APS-CALM or visit


A family-owned environmental insurance wholesaler, who created the first and only insurance coverage solution for the various environmental loss exposures threatening schools today. ARMR works with surplus lines carriers to offer the broadest environmental coverages available to municipalities. Located in Middleton, WI, we partner with local retail agents to bring additional value to their client’s insurance program. The ARMR HPR™ Program is the best solution available combining proactive risk management with a state-of-the art environmental insurance policy to fill the coverage gaps in general liability and property policies sold to school districts. For more information have your retail insurance agent contact us!

ARMR offers a 30% discount on associated costs with the insurance placement for WERMC members.

Contact: Kari Dybdahl or Nick Kohal


Be PROACTIVE with student safety using CCAP Alert! When it comes to student safety, is your District proactive or reactive? If an employee of volunteer were charged with sexual assault, battery, selling drugs or any crime, would the District know about it…immediately? CCAP Alert is the only student safety software that allows Wisconsin school districts to monitor every employee and volunteer every day for new arrests. If someone on your list is charged with a crime, CCAP Alert notifies the District immediately. CCAP Alert offers a 15% discount to WERMC members.

Contact: Steve Stanek at 414-897-4524 or go to CCAPALERT.COM.


With the CrisisGo app, school district administrators and teachers have access to their emergency response plans right on their mobile devices, along with a communication system that helps them get through crisis situations. With the touch of a finger, teachers and staff can alert others of emergency situations, access evacuation maps, updated student rosters, emergency contacts, a personal siren, and action checklists specifically for that person's role. And the new parent/student feature adds two-way group communication with parents and students, anonymous bullying tips for students, and a personal panic button for teachers and students.

Contact: Ed Renshaw 618-997-2114


Endpoint is a Wisconsin-owned and based multi-disciplinary consulting and engineering firm featuring environmental, health, and safety compliance, waste and remediation management and engineering and construction services as our core expertise. Specific to the needs of school districts, Endpoint has the certified staff to provide the needed asbestos monitoring and inspections required under AHERA and training including, but not limited to: Bloodborne Pathogens, Chemical Hazard Communication, COVID, Personal Protective Equipment and laboratory safety. Uniquely, Endpoint is also a licensed full service hazardous / non-hazardous waste management, transport, and disposal firm able to address all your waste needs including the expertise for proper handling of general universal wastes or the most complicated lab paks. We are industry experts with years of experience, knowledge, and contacts with a focus on long-term, trusting client relationships. Whether it is writing pandemic infection control plans, providing onsite testing services, and procuring required personal protective equipment for emerging challenges like Covid-19 or performing traditional consulting / engineering work, Endpoint has the flexibility to design customized, comprehensive, and complete solutions for our clients. We offer refreshing deviations from one-size-fits-all solutions and oppressive long-term contracts by listening to our clients’ and partnering with them to provide cost-effective solutions to their unique challenges.

WERMC discount is 10% off retail prices.

Contact: Dave Schwoerer or visit


EMC provides online safety plans and web based SDS Management, along with required training of your staff. They also provide environmental consulting services to districts. They will design a program to meet your district's environmental safety needs at their lowest cost for WERMC members.

They will provide their basic package of "" at a first year 10% reduction in cost for WERMC.

Contact: William Freeman


Fair Skies provides customized, research-based weather hazard planning using NOAA, FEMA and OSHA best practices and guidelines. Risk assessment, a written plan of action, and weather safety training of staff creates a safer environment for students, staff, teachers, and guests year-round for schools, athletics and park and recreation. Plans receive federal review by NOAA and the National Weather Service. Plans include realistic and tested action plans, weather shelter assessments of all buildings, annual weather safety training, assistance with tornado drills, and increased awareness on high weather impact days. Weather hazard plans are proven to increase safety and minimize casualties, insurance claims and litigation exposure.

Discounts of 5% to 8% are available for WERMC members.

Contact: Mark McGinnis 262-271-3519


NPPGov is a national cooperative procurement organization offering publicly solicited contracts along with individual discount programs and negotiated contracts for below-threshold purchases. NPPGov members have access to a large variety of contracts, created through a public solicitation by a Lead Public Agency to simplify purchasing while complying with procurement requirements.

Membership is entirely complimentary with no purchasing obligations.

Contact: Joan Hauser at or 206-494-4518 or 1-877-329-8847.


Revive Restoration, Inc. is a full-service restoration company providing 17 different restoration services throughout Central Wisconsin. We are Madison’s largest independent, locally owned restoration company with 26 team members that have been successfully restoring damaged properties in the Central Wisconsin area for thousands of home and business owners. Revive offers complete emergency mitigation services for properties affected by water, fire, smoke, mold, and trauma. Our Emergency Response Teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with fully stocked vehicles ready for immediate dispatch to ensure you will receive the fastest possible response to your needs, 24/7.

Contact: Chad Schneider, General Manager 608-222-9222


PSI provides free energy and learning environment assessments to locate energy saving projects at your district. Also, PSI will provide benchmarking of your energy use to client averages and energy star to WERMC members only to show you where you stand. They are game changing the marketplace for performance contracting by providing a fully transparent and detailed analysis of your energy opportunities with firm pricing (unlike other performance contractors). You may consider using Act 32 funding (outside the revenue cap) or bond proceeds via referendum as means of funding. They have delivered more than 250 school projects that enhance your learning environments and reduce your risk of HVAC health issues in your student or staff population.

Jim Beckmann at


The award-winning EmployeeSafe Suite includes set-it and forget-it, web-based software that implements, manages, and sustains end-to-end safety and regulatory compliance programs. Hands-off for school administrators, it addresses staff training (includes 400+ courses), compliance task management (includes a customizable library of pre-defined tasks, forms, checklists, written programs and more), stand- alone compliant SDS system (includes 4.5 million SDSs in an online library plus phone access to chemical specialists), and other risk management tools. Districts are supported by an award-winning Client Services Team plus Research & Development Teams that are on top of state and federal requirements. The staff accident management system automates processes to ensure that investigations, hazard abatement, post- incident retraining and other tasks are addressed. The award-winning StudentWatch Suite includes automated systems managing student bullying and other safety issue reporting plus the management of student, visitor, volunteer, and other non-staff injuries. Pricing is based on size of district.

Ask for the WERMC pricing schedule.

Contact: Tom Strasburger at


Vector Solutions for K-12 Education provides award-winning software, resources, and professional development solutions to help create safer, smarter, better schools. Its safety products include an emergency communications platform, systems to help schools manage and track safety and compliance trainings and environmental health and safety incidents, a library of hundreds of training courses for school staff on everything from special education to diversity and inclusion, plus online safety and wellness courses for students addressing issues such as bullying, suicide and sexual harassment. Its professional development solutions encompass educator evaluations and tracking professional development activities.

WERMC members receive a 25% discount off standard pricing for products and solutions offered by Vector Solutions only through the end of 2022. After 12/22, the discount is 10%. Contact: John Michael Larry at


School Dude provides web-based programs for managing facility maintenance, utility and energy tracking, scheduling of facilities, preventive maintenance, IT services and more. They have solutions that will enhance your risk management activities.

For WERMC, 10% is offered in year one, and 5% discount thereafter for their programs.

Contact: Derrick Patterson at 919-459-3363


When disaster strikes, ServiceMaster Restore is your business recovery solution for fire, water, mold, or Storm-Related events. As your business recovery solution, we provide: Priority Response to Your Loss, Pre-Approved Pricing, 24/7/365 Emergency Response, a Designated Account Manager, and One Touch Solution. WERMC members will receive a 5% early payment terms paid within 15 days of issuing invoice to the customer. (5% terms are applied to Labor, Equipment, and Materials). WERMC members will also have their employees enrolled in the ServPerks program. Through enrollment in the ServPerks program you can access discounts to other ServiceMaster Family of Brans Services. These services include American Home Shield, AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services, Furniture Medic, Merry Maids, ServiceMaster Clean, ServiceMaster Restore and Terminix.

To view employee savings visit

Contact: Mark Cyganiak, or 800-559-9070.

SIKICH LLP – IT Security and Compliance

Sikich LLP is a leading global IT security firm based right here in Wisconsin. Our IT security professionals work with educational organizations of all sizes, from K-12 districts through major Universities across the country. As one of only five firms in the world to hold all the major PCI certifications, our team can aid school districts and individual schools with a wide variety of security services. These services include evaluating your existing security systems and supplying the expertise to consult on how to improve your IT security posture to keep your data safe from attack. Sikich can also aid schools in assessing the physical security of facilities and provide key insights on methods by which overall improvements can be implemented. Sikich is dedicated to supporting educators in protecting both the data of their staff and students as well as all other sensitive information within your schools.

Sikich provides a 10% discount to all WERMC members for all our IT security and compliance services.

Contact: Jeremy Mares or John Thomas


Stubbe & Associates is a provider of Medical and Vocational Case Management. Our staff of dynamic nurses located throughout the State of Wisconsin provides case management for injuries related to short- or long-term disability leaves. Short- and Long-Term Disability carriers often do not collaborate with employers and physicians to coordinate a return-to-work. The Stubbe nurse will work directly with the District to coordinate medical care and focus on a return to successful employment. This communication helps bridge the gap between the District, medical provider, and worker. The Stubbe nurse will evaluate the medical restrictions, if any, to ensure return to work in an appropriate position to promote healing and prevent re-injury. The nurse can also provide the District with evaluation of workstations to proactively prevent injuries or complications to a successful return to work.

For WERMC members Stubbe & Associates provides a 10% discount on their professional rate.

Contact: Carrie 414-708-9141