Accident Investigation & Prevention

Recommended Elements of Safety Program

Sample Prevention/Reduction Program


Act 10 Topics

Letter Declining Bargaining

Moving Beyond Yesterday

What's Next - Moving Forward Following Judge Colas' Decision


Affordable Health Care Act

Affordable Health Care Act

Health Care Ricochet 


Aging Workforce

Aging Workforce Strategies

Aging & Retirees

Medical Strategies in Dealing with Aging

WC Claims & Aging


Allergy/Drug Dispensing Management

Allergy Action Plan 

Allergy Program Implementation

Allergy Resources-ECASD

Anaphalaxis Treatment Procedures

DPI Nurse Email

Drug Dispensing

School Injections SS#118.292


Background Checks

ABCs of Background Checks

Background Check Vendors Providers

Diversified Investigations Presentation Summary


Best Practices for School Risk Management

Benchmarks Recommendations for School Safety

Board Report Samples

Board/Staff Buy-in: How & Why

Characteristics of High Work Comp Performing Districts

Code of Safe Practices Sample

Crisis Management Checklist Sample

Safety Committee Mission and Purpose Sample

The Open Gym Act

Risk Management Best Practice Examples


Construction Liability

Construction Contracts

Five Step Roadmap

Cyber Liability

Avoiding Money Pit ID Theft

CIC Cyberliability Presentation

Sikich Cybersecurity

Identity Theft Premium Sheet

ID Theft Legal Needs Study


Employee Wellness

EAP & Safety, RealLiving

Sample Form to Verify Annual Health Exam



FCRA Users Responsibilities

FLSA Changes 2016


Facility Use

Facility Use Procedures Example


Fleet/DPI Regs/Employee Transportation

Fleet Guidelines for Schools

DPI - Transportation Agreement Owner Vehicle (mileage reimbursement)

DPI - Transportation Agreement School Vehicle (schools vehicle)

Green Bay - Transportation Policy (Private Vehicles)

Driving Record Investigation Authorization Form

Non-consent to Alternative Transportation form

School District - Volunteer Drivers

Alternative Drivers in School Districts

Insurance Carriers & Agents

The Providers and What you Get from Whom

CIC List of Contacts

MMA Contact List

CIC Owner Direct Insurance Programs for school construction projects


Legal Updates

Competitive Bidding

Member Benefits/Discounted Services & Memberships

Counsel on Call Form 

Member Benefits Summary

Members Rewards Program with CIC



MMA Consumerism Card

MMA Consumer.CardDetails (1)

MMA Consumer.CardDetails (2)

MMA Consumer.CardDetails (3)

MMA Consumer.CardDetails (4)

MMA Consumer.CardDetails (5)

Safe Schools

Safe Schools Details (1)

Safe Schools Details (2)

Safe Schools Details (3)

Safe Schools Details (4)

Safe Schools Details (5)

Safe Schools Details (6)

Safe Schools Details (7)

Safe Schools Details (8)

Safe Schools Details (9)

Safe Schools Details (10)

Safe Schools Details (11)


Shared Purchasing Solutions (SPS)

How to Make the Most of Your SPS Membership

SPS Website

Risk Management

5 Steps to Risk Management

Risk Management Rewards Program

Negligence Basics

Putting Schools in the Stream of Commerce


Safety & Chemical Topics

Animal Control-Final Policy 2005

Bounce House Safety

Bullying & Bullying Solutions

Chemical Hygiene - School Security and Safety

Child Injury Prevention Alliance Inflatable Bouncers

Concussion - Parent and Athlete Agreement

Concussion Plan

Constant Air Inflatable Play Devices (e.g., Bouncy Devices) Standards Proposal

EAP & Safety, RealLiving

Safety Committee Mission and Purpose Sample


Parade Safety

4H Parade Safety

Boyscout Parade Safety

General Parade Safety

New Hampshire Parade Safety


Social Networking

Sample Social Networking Policy

Understanding Risks & Benefits

What is Social Media? Presentation


Special Education

Addressing The Use of Seclusion and Physical Restraint in Schools

School Law Update : Special Education
Restraint and Seclusion Log Sample

Restraint Report Detail Sample


Workers' Compensation

Acuity Update 2018-19

Board/Staff Buy-in: How & Why

Continued Wages for Employees Impact on Experience Mod.

Creative Return to Work Ideas

Experience Mod Split Point Change 2013

Independent Contractors-Phillips Borowski

Reducing Workers' Compensation Costs - Planning for Summer

Understanding Work Comp Experience Mod

Work Comp Law Changes 2016 (1)

Work Comp Law Changes 2016 (2)

You have a Medical Report - Now What?